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  • Dissociation

    Here is the second film by my film making group Yellow Maze Pictures. Let me know what you think. All feedback is appreciated.

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    No comment? It's that bad, eh?


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      Hey Vance, I saw some very positive things going on here. Obviously the acting was below par, but you took the time to get lots of shots and your audio was great!

      What equipment did you use for sound?
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        Yeah, acting is kind of the bane of our existence. Spiro(playing Evan here) is our best actor, and he's moving away so that was his last film with us! :-(

        Audio was done with a Tascam DR-100, NTG-2 mic and some time in post with audio sweetening.


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          I really like the concept but I was was left still wondering... It shows that you have put some great thought into this project. The music was good and kept me interested. The confusion of the main character was also a wining point that kept me attentive. Thank you for sharing your work!