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2097: Blackout

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  • 2097: Blackout

    This is the last short film my friends and I made. We were going to continue making more shorts built around in this universe, but we put those plans on hold while we work on our feature length film Retrieval. Feel free to leave us any feedback, and as always enjoy! (I highly recommend watching this in full HD) Please subscribe and like us on facebook here!

    This short film does have many similarities to the TV show Revolution, but this short was conceived, shot, and released prior to any announcements or reveal trailers for that show came out. On the bright side this meant that studio executives feel that there's space for the type of content we're making on television!

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    Ok, good job. There were some nice shots there, but the overall feel, to me, felt like I was watching a trailer and not a short film.
    Keep on keeping on :)~


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      It's funny you mention that, this "short film" is actually technically a trailer to a larger project that we had planned. This was supposed to be a prologue for that larger project, so it was designed to act as one part short and one part trailer so that we wouldn't have to establish a whole back story too extensively in the larger project. Thanks for the feedback!


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        Pretty cool. Lots of good stuff. Things I would do different. Your actors seem very young to have the expertise and knowledge that they possess. I would twist that into the story line. Are they an elite group that has been trained? Are they really 37 years old, but that is how people age in the future?

        The music is good, but your composer should head out to the local music school, find the best cello player and talk them into recording that cello/string part. It will sound sooooo much more listenable and better.

        Good Job! Good Luck!


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          Well done! Nice cinematography. One comment: some of the 3d looks kind of fake. Overall, well done! I always love lensflares.



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            2:16 - A bit dark....(I mean its very dark)

            You can have "dark" scenes but still separate the talent from the background a bit, I do see what you are doing but a little rim lighting would be nice

            Keep up the good work guys!!!
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