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New Soul Music video. Feedback invited

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  • New Soul Music video. Feedback invited

    Hows it going everyone? Its been a while since I've posted something. Here is a link to a video I just finished. Its my first departure from Hip Hop as a video director. All feedback is welcome. If you think something could of been done better please let me know with a suggestion. I only benefit.


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    Really amazing video! My only comment is that there may be just a bit to much sharpening on that first shot. Aside from that, just about perfect! Great vid.



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      Thanks alot. Good eye on the over sharpening. I didn't catch that until you brought it up.


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        Dude, best video you ever made so far! Well done, love the dolly movements and the cuts, well done!
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          Ok, I didn't finish the video. After finishing I noticed that everytime you cut an indoor shot it seems the production quality drops (what my mind tells me) - You got the outside look down, but anytime you are indoor you need a very interesting background for the indoor shots to keep thinks interesting. Like one of the first indoor shots there is a blank wall in the background *next time give it some depth and spend some time lighting it even if it is only 4 seconds in the video.

          I have seen such a great improvement lately so keep it up!
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            Great advice Nick. That will be part of my criteria. Yeah white walls are to dull now that you bring it up.