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Hidden Camera Pranks - Anyone interested

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  • Hidden Camera Pranks - Anyone interested

    Ok, so I have confirmed that I will be doing a youtube channel with hidden camera pranks. After watching some of EdBassMaster's content on youtube I really felt that something like that could fun here in the central valley. I have a really funny character called Melvin that I used to perform back in high school.

    I will most likely film once a month - If anyone is interested in coming down to help out feel free to let me know.

    Most filming will be done in the Central Valley (Fresno) area of California.

    This will be a fun stress reliever so if anyone is interested let me know

    Nick Soares
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    Dude Nick I am so In! I live about an hour away from you. I can film if you need!


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      I love ed bass master, I would be willing to come down and have some fun as well


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        Hey Nick, wish I could, but I'm in Orange Country. Not exactly a hop, skip and a jump away. Then there is the dreaded Grape Vine to climb over.