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My time travel short film

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  • My time travel short film

    This is a short film which I have created for a school course, please give feedback as it helps me to improve in the future.

    Youtube link
    The Waters Echo - A2 Media Short Film by Harry Cross and Joe Lombardi - YouTube

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    Love watching stuff like this, and yes I know it has its problems, but still. i picture you guys on set filming this and having a good time and then editing it, how fun. Keep it up mate, just keep making videos when you can and you will get better and better at it.

    Did you guys really have that footage of you when you guys were kids? Thats pretty cool man, you just happened to have it?


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      Thanks alot

      And yeah all of the footage was genuine as we started making films from very young ages in 2004

      Here is one from 2007:

      Harry Crosser Part 1 (2007) - YouTube


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        Wow you guys have been making films for a long time! Very cool and you guys found the right forum to hang out :)


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          That was great short! The story was great, Great effects and was really enjoyable to watch! Great job!
          The newbie.


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            Great film. I liked it. Since you asked, here is some feedback:

            1. I thought it was incredibly obvious from the very beginning that the person he killed was himself. I don't know if it was obvious to everyone... maybe I have just seen too many time travel movies. In any case, the ending didn't pay off for me because I already knew it was going to happen.

            2. I can't help but think this main character is really really dumb at the end. He already knows what happened that day. He already knows that someone wearing a mask runs down at him and dies, so what does he do? He puts on a mask and runs down at him! What a phenomenal moron! he would have to be severely mentally retarded not to have put the pieces together.

            Just some of my thoughts while watching. Good job on this.


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              I liked it.
              Were you the director of photography?


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                Feedback: (sorry forgot)

                I knew it was him as well, not sure how.

                I liked the audio

                I liked the color correction

                I think some camera angles could have been better

                Over, I enjoyed it :)


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                  Originally posted by kevinAvis View Post
                  I liked it.
                  Were you the director of photography?
                  I made all of it


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                    That was great! Although as soon as they said there would be two of them at once, I knew what was gonna happen. But nonetheless, I found myself clapping by the end!!!

                    The only thing is that you could do some color correction. It was


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                      Bryce, that /was/ the color correct haha