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Retrieval Diary: Entry 3!!

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  • Retrieval Diary: Entry 3!!

    Entry 3 for The Retrieval Diaries, where my friends and I, a group of self taught high-school filmmakers, document ourselves as we make a feature length movie. Subscribe to us, like us on Facebook here, and as always, hope you all enjoy!

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    What an increase in production value guys! Just your behind the scenes show how much better you all are getting at this. I think I see a new talented group a filmmakers here.
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      Hey Hey, there you guys are! Looking good. I just wish you showed even more!


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        Nice update, loved every minute of it. I see that you guys ran into some audio issues, what were you guys holding in your hand (the thing with the two mic like things)


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          Hey Mark, we'll definitely be going more into depth with our set ups and production in future episodes, don't you worry! We're saving some awesome stuff for future entries.

          Paul, the thing you saw in the video is a Zoom H4n, I'm sorry I should have went over that in this (we were planning on going over our audio set up in a future episode). It's a field recorder for audio, and it's our primary microphone for all of our work. We absolutely love the machine, it provides the best quality audio for us at our level. It is actually used on more major professional productions too, they just plug other mics and equipment into it to expand its capabilities. You can check it out here. As always, if you have any more questions let me know!


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            This is all very inspiring for me as a young filmmaker!! Thank you so much! You guys are doing a great job and I am excited to see your finished product!


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              Thanks for your kind words Eli, and thank YOU so much! It's comments like yours that make us want to keep on making these entries and making movies! Best of luck to you as a filmmaker!