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Help with Dialogue flow in this skit.

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  • Help with Dialogue flow in this skit.

    Hi everyone, I'd like to know how I can get better dialogue in this clip. At some points it doesn't flow very well. Could you maybe give us some tips. We are relatively new to filmmaking and would like some input.

    Critique as much as possible. I know there's some continuity errors and the lighting isn't perfect (only had one light).
    This is our first of hopefully many. Let us know what you think.

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    Dang, watching these videos really makes me want to just get out of the office and go film something. Very cool....!
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      I thought the tall guy was funny. Hes got a good look and with a little work I think he could be a great actor!


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        It was entertaining. Nice job.

        You should just get some more coverage so you have cutting options. This will help in allowing you to set the pacing better and avoid all the jump cuts like when they are playing the game.


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          Funny! Not sure why, but it reminds me of the scene in Back to the Future 2 where young Biff meets old Biff from the future. 'Get the hell out of my car old man!'


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            see i think the jump cut stuff was the best part of the skit and the fact that it was jump cut just made it that much funnier. but as for the dialogue, its a skit as long as its funny who cares about the flow. snl has some pretty shitty flow sometimes, but u still laugh.
            and i feel that what ur mostly seeing is the acting not being good, but once again that doesnt matter its a skit, if anything u can purposely write funny dialogue for the people that cant act and give the extreme gestures and more slap stick comedy to the person that can(which i think u did there already)
            but i liked the video im a big gamer so i def relate to the son of A BITCH SPAMING THE SAME DAMN BUTTONS! but i digress, great work guys.(do some game content on your channel, it seem very natural when yall were playing the game)