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The Retrieval Diaries: Entry #2

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  • The Retrieval Diaries: Entry #2

    Episode 2 in the production diaries for the feature length film being made by a group of high schoolers! Hope you all enjoy!

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    Sweet, guys. I have been waiting to get an update on what is going on. So excite to see this, like I said I am in high school and this is sooo motivating to me!



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      Keep up the hard work guys, this will pay off and I bet you guys are learning so much!! Can't wait to see the next update
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        Thanks Paul and Nick! We're definitely learning a lot, the next two entries will actually go more in depth into things we've figured out as we've gone along.


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          Sweet guys. Thanks for the update. Sorry I didnt respond earlier but I was so busy with work. Put me on the list to watch this as soon as its done! So excited


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            Looks awesome guys. Can you list the camera and lighting equipment you used? I'm thinking about buying some new lighting gear. Any suggestions or warning?


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              Charles, glad you're keeping up to date with our work, we appreciate it! We'll definitely let everyone know when the film is done!

              We're shooting on Canon DSLR's, so the 7D, a T4i, and a 5D mkiii.
              We actually go over our lighting situation/equipment in the next entry (coming this Tuesday), but I'll give you a quick rundown here. We've used a 1000 watt halogen work light from home depot ($20) that acts as a phenomenal key light and really floods the scene with light for poorly lit areas. We also use some softbox light kits that use 4 fluorescent lights in one softbox setup (you can see these softboxes used in the above entry video in the office set).

              I highly suggest both the work light (for heavy lighting in no-light areas) and the softboxes, however be VERY careful with the work light since it A) draws A LOT of power really quickly, and B) gets dangerously hot very very quickly. So be sure to handle those halogen work lights carefully. Also be careful with the fluorescent lightbulb softbox kits to ensure that the light stands are sturdy, or else you'll have these bad boys toppling over, and having shattered fluorescent lights on the ground is pretty far from safe.

              Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any more questions, and keep watching the Diaries!