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    Hi everyone, this is only my second post (I think?). I can't believe I forgot about this forum! Anyway, recently I made a short comedy sketch with a friend and I'd like anyone's opinions on it. It's far from perfect and the IQ is a little poor but much better than my previous videos, just see what you think overall. You might need to watch the previous video, as it might not make sense comedically otherwise, but either way I'd appreciate any feedback!

    Thanks, I'm currently working on a more involved, 'serious' project, so hopefully I'll be able to share something technically better soon.

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    Some thoughts from a non pro. First I love the fact that you are making videos, keep it up.

    The shot a 0:58 was to close (a few other shots that were strange to look at) IMO

    Looking forward to seeing your progression in filmmaking!


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      Thanks, on the day of filming I only had a cheap Panasonic camcorder, as my new Sony NEX was charging! The lens on that didn't really accommodate for much space, as I suppose is to be expected from a fixed lens, plus there really wasn't that much space in the room anyway (I had to push the camera into the back of cupboards to get some shots). Thanks a lot for the feedback!


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        Awesome that you are even making films. Love seeing members coming here and showing off what they can do.


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          Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you grow as well.
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            Thanks a lot everyone. As I said I'm hopefully moving onto more involved projects near to the summer, including a Noir-inspired episodic project, but I doubt I'll have the money to do that this year.