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  • Bodies in the Playground

    An art film my friends and I filmed on Saturday with a Nikon D5100 and a budget of $110. I've never worked with make-up before... what do you think?

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    Its obvious you spent some time getting everyone bloody, its shows in your product. Not bad at all for your first makeup FX.

    How did you make the intestine?

    What did you use for blood?

    How did you get your actors?
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      For the small intestines I used paper towels, liquid latex and red acrylic paint. For the large intestines I used old cleaning rags, paper towels, beet juice and plastic wrap.

      For blood I used both clear liquid hand soap and the classic corn syrup recipe with red food coloring... anything in or around the face was corn syrup and anything splatttered on the walls or torso was soap.

      The actors were my friends who I have known for years. I told them about the idea, they liked it and wanted to help... Thanks for watching, Nick!