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  • No Pay Job Experimental cyberpunk short film

    Hello there! Although this short film of ours is from April 2010, it has never had a larger audience, and I don't exactly know why...

    So, therefore I decided to take the dust off this old short and present it to you!

    The film was done in an incredibly short period of time, the bulk of the work took us about a month, plus two months of preproduction and writing and an additional 20 days or something to finish the postproduction.

    The film is called e-Head, although the correct title should be something like E-Head or eHead, but you get the idea of the title anyways... Our goal was to create a traditional vhs age cyberpunk film, which was meant to look a little cheap and had to have these vintage effects. Most of the work was actually done in camera, because we used a number of miniatures or bigatures (from neurons and such), and just added some layers to them with computer in post.

    E-Head was done with a very shoestring budget of about 250 euros (which is approx. 340 dollars). I was the writer, director, editor, cinematographer, actor and visual effects artist in this one, so you could pretty much say this was purely my vision. So, here it is, enjoy the film!

    e-Head - YouTube

    Click image for larger version

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    Assuming that you want feedback on this here is my opinion:

    I really like the look of this piece. You manage to evoke an interesting mood and style that I liked. The effects look very nice. It looks really good for an ultra-low budget production.

    Now what killed it for me:
    1. The pacing is way too slow. This feels like a 2-3 minute film stretched out over 8 minutes.
    2. The lead actor is not very good. There wasn't a moment in this film in which I found his performance convincing.
    3. The story was confusing and/or completely lacking in substance. I can't tell which.

    Stylistically: cool. Unfortunately, still not a great movie all things considered (in my opinion).


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      Thank you for your feedback!

      I'm really glad that the mood and the atmosphere worked out in this film. Those were the main things I wanted to emphasize in the production. The audiovisual style was the main point of this really.

      Unfortunately, that does often lead to the fact that characters can get lost in the visuals, as you pointed out here. Especially when you're making an art science fiction film like this, the story and characters don't always get to be in the front seat. These type of films tend to be more about an idea or a feeling, than about an actual face-to-face story.

      The lead actor wasn't of course a professional actor, because we couldn't simply afford one. And working with amateur actors can be quite tricky sometimes, as we all know. The fact about the length I partially agree. Now in retrospective it could have been trimmed just a little bit, maybe to five or six minutes.

      Overall, I am still pleased with the work we've done with this short. Seeing this almost three years later, it makes me wonder what kind of cyberpunk film we could do now, with our current day skills...