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  • New HD Music Video

    Hows it going everyone? Here is a new video shot on the Canon t3i. Please watch in HD.

    Feedback or questions always invited.

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    I'm diggin it man. I like the color correction it as well. Most of what I noticed in music videos today, is how overboard the color correcting goes into the videos making it look to artificial. Yours seems to be the perfect balance :)


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      Thanks! Yeah, I just wanted the color to pop and give it some contrast.


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        I have a t3i, and have trouble getting clear images indoor. You seem to have that down. How much light do you use?


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          Not sure how this passed me up, ive been really busy but I try and stay up to date with your video Jfvideos, I love this man! Great as always KEEP up the hard work
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            Jf, how do you light your shots? Like do you have a lighting crew or are you using natural lights that are around?


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              Yeah you have to light your scenes indoors. Don't rely on lights that are already in there. You can even do the 3 point lighting system and pull off some great looking shots.


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                Jfvideos, do you have any behind the scenes?


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                  Thanks alot everyone. Sorry, I haven't taken any behind the scenes stuff yet. I'll do my best to explain the lighting set up.

                  The lighting situation can be tricky. The 18-55mm kit lens works great outside or inside with strong window light, but performs weak with
                  indoor artificial light. It eats alot of light. I was shooting something this weekend and had 600 watts lighting a performer and the shot was still underexposed.

                  The trick is using a 50mm 1.8 lens. GREAT in low light situations and indoor. They are about $150. Any image that is
                  moving horizontal and where the background is blurred out, is shot on the 50mm.

                  Problem with the 50mm is you cant dolly in because the area in focus is shallow due to the large aperture needed to let in all the light. So any image you saw dolling in like the window silhouette was shot with the kit lens. Luckily there was enough light from the window where I could shoot at iso 100 which is needed to avoid grain on a t3i.

                  These are the lights I use most of the time when I am in a rush and can't set up. I purchased 3 of these. They run off AA batteries, and I can hook them up on my camera or put them on a light stand.

         - HDV-Z96 96 LED Digital Video Light Lamp Kit For Canon EOS 5D II 7D 550D Camera

                  For indoor shots, I followed this dudes video. The 18-55 mm kit lens needs at least 8 of these bulbs and can lights aimed at the subject to get exposure indoor. I would find higher watt bulbs if you can. The ones he recommends are a bit low for a kit lens but plenty for a 50mm lens

                  Sandman Film School: Easy soft lighting - YouTube

                  Conclusion- I should of bought a 5d

                  Thanks for all the feedback. Let me know if you have any more questions.