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  • Asylum of Secrets Feature Film

    My business partner and I have been shooting psychological thriller feature film since the middle of last year. Pretty much a no budget feature film endeavor with 98% being shot in front of green screen. At first we called the film the "11th Dimension" but just recently we renamed it to "Asylum of Secrets." The first 5 minutes of the film is complete. Took I believe two days to shoot and 2 months of post production work to complete it. We were working on it in our spare time. So here's the first 5 minutes of the film:

    For anyone curious about the behind the scenes stuff, watch the following:

    Side by Side comparison video

    Visual Effects Reel

    I hope you guys appreciate and enjoy what has been done so far. I do a apologize for the links of the videos being scattered and hosted in different places. We decided to join forces and create The Whix FX a couple of days ago so I'm still getting everything moved around :)

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    I think it looks cool. Has a David Lynch/ Sin City / Horror movie vibe going


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      FINALLY!!! Someone got it lol. Yeah my partner wrote and directed this. He's a big David Lynch and Robert Rodriguez fan. Glad you dig it :)


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        What camera did you guys shoot it on? Looks clean.


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          We used the Canon 7D with a couple of Nikon lenses.


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            I could totally picture how awesomer the first video would have been with "Credits" at the beginning, almost would be to cool. ok watching the rest now


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              Since I dont know how to edit my post yet i just have to start a new one.

              I think your videos are awesome and I would love to keep seeing more of your work :0


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                Thanks Charles. Glad you enjoy it. Yeah we are gonna have a proper intro. We just wanted to get it out there to entice people :)