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New filmmaker on board - need advice

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  • New filmmaker on board - need advice

    I am from a performance arts background and I just learnt to make films by watching youtube tutorials. This is only the second film I've ever made but I want to know if I am going the right direction with it.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    I am testing everything about it; the story and character arcs, lighting, set design, camera angles, camera settings, pacing, editing...etc.
    I am not even sure if I need more frames or less frames for something like this. I don't know what I am doing right or doing wrong.

    Any/all constructive criticisms will be greatly appreciated. TYIA.

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    I laughed really heard when the guy tired to trap the ghost but was unsuccessful.

    Well the lighting is hard to to say since you are not lighting real people, but seems a bit to dark.

    Set design would be better if the lighting was better?

    Camera angle were good, they made sense.

    Camera settings, I feel you need more FPS as it was to choppy for me (but I know stop motion takes time)

    Pacing was way to slow, I didn't fully understand the video of a person dancing (didn't finish video yet)

    Editing - since this has to do with pacing, I felt it could use more cuts, and shots.

    I know this stuff takes time, i appreciate that, but it got boring after a while...

    Hope this helped :thumb:
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      Thank you so much. Yes, that helped a lot. I think I am still thinking live theatre when I should really focus my head around understanding film grammar more.

      Can you tell me where it got boring for you? If you remember, if you don't, it's okay then. I wonder if that is because of problems in the plotting or characterizations.
      I was wondering if I can get some input on the sound and music as well....if I am not asking for too much.

      Thanks again for the feedback. Really appreciate it.


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        No its ok, you are asking question that are showing you are concerned That im not happy, this is the beginning of every great director, If your audience doesnt like it, then first it out!

        Good job

        Its was about the 10 second mark - JK

        I got in a good 5 minutes, after that, nothing interesting was happening, it didnt lead to anything, so I closed the window.
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          The lego skeleton was funny. But it was hard to watch after 5 minutes.


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            Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and comment.

            Okay, before i start wasting anymore of anybody's time, actually the plot is about a gamer who was playing a Facebook social game (ala Sims Social) who dreamt about the old guy and the ghost (ala Age of Castle) but he got distracted by Farmville (watering cans & seeds) so he kept resetting his other games (the new room). And the "protagonist" from Sims Social was just lamenting his fate.

            I was trying to tell the story backwards with a huge epiphany moment at the end for the Sims Social character. I have always been intrigued by non-linear story telling but now I realized non-linear editing is extremely challenging but extremely addictive and fun.

            I went back to my storyboard and I think I've got a new plot now. I think I will give this non-linear, multiple story lines, huge epiphany/twist at the end genre another go before I do something that is linear. Based on other comments I am getting I think I also had problems of not being able to suspend viewers disbelief early on for the live scenes to make any sense. So it got frustrating because there's not enough information to actually bother about the plot or the characters. And also the Game IM scenes were too long and slow.

            To put it into context, this was actually meant for a live theatre performance with the video playing in the background between scenes so that the performers can change their clothes. That's why the live scenes need to be in the film. But I am still working through how something like that can be enjoyable.

            But I am really glad there are parts in the video that are funny. And I learnt loads about filmmaking by making this without attending any filmmaking school/courses. 8-)


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              I started out with non-linear editing as well. I was extremely fun editing in camera
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                Its great that you are doing something. Keep it up and you will get better and better
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