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    First off, apologies for double posting, but I originally put this in the Production Forum, but its pretty obvious that this is the correct forum for it, so if a kindly Mod could delete the other posting here - that would be so helpful, and again, sorry about that!

    Anyway, I've previously posted a few clips regarding this long term project I've been working on for my friends band. I'm pleased to announce the completion of the video, and here it is, feedback welcome;

    Quick warning, there is some colourful language in a couple of the captions that pop up in the video;

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Hope you all like it.


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    Awesome. I've been waiting to see your video.

    The beginning slow mo images set a mood for sure. Reminds me of some taxi driver images when Travis is looking o.s. in the beginning credits.

    Also the editing toward the end as the music culminates was a nice touch.

    Hope to see more videos from you. Are you working on another one right now?


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      Hi dude,

      Glad you liked it, but its proved to be a long haul in terms of editing. With lots of time on my hands I probably could have edited it inside two weeks, but with family illness and the silly season just gone, I really struggled for time. These last few evenings I finally managed to dedicate a few hours to it and built up good momentum, so I'm pleased its finally done. Obviously there are plenty of rough edges - I used a basic bridge camera and shot at 640X480 with diy lighting, but the brief for this project was fairly simple;

      include some vaguely reasonable band performance footage (space restrictions meant I had to film the band members individually and edit it together to give the impression they're playing in a live-esque capacity,

      have a first attempt at green screen work and subsequently, chroma-keying at the editing stage

      finally, it had to look a lot better than my very first attempt at making a music video for the band, which was really nothing more than a test piece on an old camcorder with only indoor lighting - it was really only editing practice.

      Despite not exactly setting new standards in picture quality, I feel its fully met my criteria, and I have learnt loads from doing it.

      So, whats next? Well, I've got access to a better camera that can shoot up to full HD - doubt I'd be able to edit with my current PC setup at full HD, but it also does a slightly lower res than full HD, but superior to standard def, so that would be the logical step til I upgrade my PC.

      For the next project I'm not sure if I'll end up doing a film noir style b&w vid for the same band, we've been talking about it but they take ages to get themselves organised, as I found with this shoot. More than likely, I'm looking for a new band, and I'm quite up for shooting a gothic/extreme metal band - I fancy experimenting with a horror aesthetic - I'd like to work on atmospheric shots with good lighting, use of shadow, make up - maybe some physical effects like smoke, etc, and less on editing effects (as my PC will protest!) Just a few things I feel need a lot more practice on. I'd like to find a band who are willing to commit to a couple of videos - the first one, zero budget, just whatever locations/props and equipment we can cobble together, and if that goes well, maybe try crowdfundng a slightly more ambitious video.

      At the moment I'm scouting a few local bands, but its a question of finding a band with good recorded material, a good visual presence and a bit of commitment. Bands are fickle, they go from being the next big thing one week to falling out and breaking up the next!

      However, as I mentioned in my comment on your recent video, perhaps I ought to change tack and pimp myself out to direct some hip hop and R'n'B videos, I do feel I'm missing out!



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        Very cool video! Love it! - Love the tone of the music as well :rockon:
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          I hear you totally. Each video builds confidence and know how and improvement is relative. Like you said if your last video was just footage with no editing, and this video you stylistically shot, edited, and brought a project to completion, then that is a major success.

          You are made for metal rock since you are inclined to use horror aesthetics. To handle the 720 footage of your next video maybe like you said longer takes to not over load the
          system. I've used a plastic bag as a steadiecam dolly before and got decent images. haha. I followed this video. [ame=]Free DIY Steadicam Idea/stabilizer NO HARDWARE REQUIRED - YouTube[/ame]

          This is how I first started advertising and finding artists. Its a reverberation local artist search page.