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Coup de Cinema - a heist comedy about filmmaking (Free Copies!)

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  • Coup de Cinema - a heist comedy about filmmaking (Free Copies!)

    Here's a shoestring production I'll always be proud of. And for you fine folks here, I'm giving away free copies!

    Shot in 2010 while I was finishing college (then released in 2011, then re-edited and released again in 2013), Coup de Cinema is the story of a disillusioned film crew relegated to Z-Grade productions under the watch of their clueless yet arrogant director Adrian Dreyfus. New hire Miles decides the script they're shooting could use a punch-up, and starts secretly rewriting scenes to improve the movie. Before long, he's recruited most of the cast and crew to join him in filming a better version of the film behind the director's back.

    You can watch the film (and catch a trailer) over at

    Use the coupon code filmmakerforum to grab it for free! The coupon will work on the standard edition. If you wanna see the bonus content from the Deluxe Edition, you can also use the same code to get the "Extras Only" package (basically an upgrade from the standard to deluxe) for free.

    Enjoy! After making this film, we tackled sketch comedy shorts on YouTube for a while and are now developing our next feature. Hope to share that one with you guys someday, too.
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