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DOC Actual.Alien.Assault (EXPOSED)

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  • DOC Actual.Alien.Assault (EXPOSED)

    Just got done with this today. Its a short about a man, alone or is he?

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    Very good! The first minute or 2 made me want to skip to the good parts as it was a bit boring but once it got off the ground... its very good. The aliens look VERY good and real. The special effects are great. The acting was not so great but i could deal with it. All i can say is it would of been amazing if the first minute or 2 was more captivating. But overall, it was very enjoyable and interesting. Keep up the good work!


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      Thanks IndieMovieMaker, we concentrated on a climatic ending making it incline from zero to level ten. I appreciate that you liked it very much, I do agree I am no actor lol. Thanks again!