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FMF Film Festival: Questions and Concerns

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    Originally posted by MasterDisaster View Post
    Failing the judge method, could the winners be declared via vote of forum members?
    We are actually doing both. The reason I HATE doing community voting is because sually people just vote for their buddies.

    Now...there will be a community vote, but it will be kicked in with the judges vote as well.

    And thanks for all of the input guys, I had a busy weekend, but tomorrow I am going to be making the official announcement video.

    It will contain the rules and everything you need to know about the festival.


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      ALSO. There has been lots of debate about when the Deadline for the entries should be.

      Take into account we are NOT having a feature category this time around. Just shorts and short shorts.

      I've had some people say January, some say December, then I've had some people tell me they think it should be like End of August/Early September.

      What are your guys opinions on this???


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        December is plenty time for me to shoot a short, not sure about everyone else. Im just waiting for you guys to officially start it so I can start planning what im going to do. Are there minimum minute requirments, can I do a 4 minute short? I say we set a length, like 4,5,6 minutes to discourage people from just submitting their short film.

        What are the prizes?


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          All will be explained in the video I will be releasing tomorrow! But keep the messages and comments in this thread coming.

          I want to know everyone's thought on the deadline!


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            I would vote for a sooner deadline than later. Like September. I think a lot of people on this forum have plenty of stuff to submit. The idea isn't that people actually shoot a new film for entry between now and the deadline right?


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              I like the idea of a September deadline.

              It seems like enough time for some of us to get a short written, shot and edited with what's left of summer, but it's also close enough to keep the fire under our asses with a tight deadline to meet. (That's what got me through college) :-)


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                Bump. Is this still happening?


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                  What happened with the Film Fest?


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                    Originally posted by MakefilmsOrDie View Post
                    What happened with the Film Fest?
                    Nothing, but it's a great idea and we should get it going again!



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                      Not enough people interested in participating!

                      We only had 2-4 people saying they would enter something.


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                        I think the time limit was too broad. If it's limited to a certain time limit, say 6 minutes (and yes you can tell a story in 6 minutes) and limit it to a genre, that will give people a sense of direction on what to do. Just saying... it's how I would go about it.
                        I write. Therefore I am.


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                          I would have to kind of agree there. Putting a 10min film against a 45min film is tough. It's harder to tell a GOOD story in such a short time, but a judged competition should have it's challenges.