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  • Pay for Youtube?

    I have been reading about a new program YouTube may be doing in which you would have to pay 1-5 dollars a month to watch certain YouTube channels. This has benefits: if you create content you could get paid more. Negatives: Well obviously you have to pay to watch what was once free. What do you think?


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    I think it could result in a small percentage of the youtube audience not watching certain channels because they don't wanna pay for them. It's hard to tell what the outcome will be to be honest with you.
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      A small percentage? I think it would result in a very very large percentage of the youtube audience not watching certain channels because they don't want to pay for them. This is not necessarily bad, though. After all, any store would move a lot more merchandise if they gave it away for free, but that doesn't mean that's the best decision for the store. I'm sure this would be a system that the channels opt into, and it would be up to them to make high enough quality content to turn a profit after the drop in ad revenue due to the significant drop in viewers.


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        It kind of takes away the whole point of youtube to be honest. The thing everybody loves about the site is that you get to watch great videos for free, subscribe to your favourite youtubers, for free. By taking away the fact that it's free would mean a drop in at least 50% of it's viewers, for sure!


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          I'm in agreement with about all of you. I'm more leaning toward Whisk on this one though. This is what made Youtube popular that fact that you could watch other youtubers make videos and watch them progress. Just by mere assumption it would seem that the good channels would be the ones that cost and the channels that are not so good would not cost. Either way you will see more people venturing over to Vimeo and other sites that still have quality free content. After all the quality channels are what bring people to youtube in my opinion for the most part. I myself go to see the "How To" videos. It will be interesting to say the least to see what the out come will be.


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            As far as I know the subscription thing is up and running.

            Roger Corman has his own youtube channel that you have to pay like 4 bucks a month to watch, and there are about 30 movies in rotation there.

            I think it's great. If you're a fan of Corman movies you have a chance to watch a wide variety of them for pretty cheap, the same goes for any such channel.
            I don't know for example how many subscribers the Corman channel has, but I'd imagine it is profitable to them since the movie's they have are catalog titles from their extensive library.

            It will be interesting to see if channels like that will succeed, and if this will become a viable way for distributors and even filmmakers to monetize their content.

            However at the same time 99,9999% of youtube stays free, just as it's supposed to. So it won't affect that at all.

            I really don't see any negatives. If people want to pay for those channels, then they will.


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              I understand exactly what you are saying and I have to agree with you for the most part. After reading your opinion that does sound good. However and this is strictly hypothetical, what if all who have a channel wants to monetize? What if those who feel since they have a large following start to charge $2 or what ever. Where does the line get drawn. Hear me in the right spirit. I think it is awesome for people to earn money on behalf of their creations. We were just giving opinions as this thread started out asking for. I want eveyone to benefit. At the same time what happens to the youtube that we knew if everyone begins to charge? Just a thought. Because I'm sure you will see quite a few want to charge if they have the opportunity. Even those that don't have great content. If it is a chance to make money to supplement income we will see all those that have an opportunity jump on, or at least a great deal of them anyway. So I'm just wondering what will be the parameters that keeps this from becoming a frenzy....

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                Originally posted by Aaron Jones View Post
                What if those who feel since they have a large following start to charge $2 or what ever. Where does the line get drawn. ... what happens to the youtube that we knew if everyone begins to charge? ... Even those that don't have great content.
                This is not how the free market works :-)

                People don't just charge for things because they're allowed to and then somehow magically get money. People charge for things because people are willing to pay for it. By and large, people watch things on Youtube specifically because they are not willing to pay for it. What would happen if all the channels with large followings decided to charge? Well, here's what would almost certainly happen: They would lose their large following and not make enough money to have made it worth it and then by the time they realize their mistake and go back to being free, they'll have to work hard to get their following back.

                What you're afraid of is simply not going to happen. There will be a few providers who provide very high quality content which they charge for and I would go so far as to say most of them will be new providers that come specifically to take advantage of the new pay system, not existing ones who switch over. the rest of Youtube will remain free. It will remain free because people will not pay for it.


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                  I understand what you are saying and I agree with you it is not how the free market works. In my opinion if youopen the door to the possibility then you will see many people try and take advantage of it. That is what I was trying to relay. A lot of people do not care about such things as integrity of the art and so on. Some care about getting paid. If it is a little then that was more than what I was getting before is the mentality we will run into. You know just like I do that if their is a chance to get money people will be all over it. This is why I was wondering what would be the parameters in which this would be offered to the public.

                  I can see this being a very awesome move for Youtube long as parameters are set to keep it from being a frenzy. I myself would pay to see some channels that would entertain me like my Netfix would. I can see them cutting into viewers that use Netflix and other alternitive means of TV entertainment as oppose to cable.

                  I've been in a lot of other markets where it started out for the creator to share their work free and then the opportunity to receive money came in and changed the market. So reiterating, I wonder what the parameters will be for the public at large.

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                    But the thing is, the top youtubers are already earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad revenue every year if they're partners with youtube.
                    So I doubt many of them would go for the subscription thing, since they are already making tons of money from their channel by offering it for free.

                    The subscription service is ok for stuff like the Roger Corman channel, since they are offering mostly older catalog titles that might be out of print and hard to find otherwise, and they also have a very dedicated niche audience all over the world, so by offering their movies for $4 a month, they'll probably earn more money than they would from putting them up on youtube for free, since they would need to generate millions and millions of hits before they would get any significant money, I believe tha last time I heard a youtube partner gets a grand for every million viewers for a video.
                    However to generate that same grad they would only need about 250 subscribers (probably more, since I'm not sure how big of a cut YT takes) but you get the idea.

                    But the top youtubers like FreddieW or Jennamarbles or what have you will remain free, that's for sure.


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                      I don't think that the big "comedy" guys and so forth will be doing it. I think what will happen is the people that originally would not use youtube because they thought their content was more valuable will start using it. Therefor my theory is there will be more people using YouTube, not less.

                      Just food for thought


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                        This is a tough one. First off Youtube is notorious for controlling their partners so this greatly affects content. It always diminishes independent film when a big business takes control away from the director and writer. At the same time, society is so cheap that very few will pay for a channel and will then venture out of their little box and search for others. Hopefully they will discover one of us.