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  • Start Small?

    Can small projects help?

    Small projects can be a better way of getting you into the bigger projects, but many people want things to happen right away, and when they realize the big projects aren't coming many give up.

    Why many people fail on trying?

    Too many shortcuts are taken to try and speed up the process, filmmakers want to jump to the top right away. it’s too late to start again the crusade and the errors are already made.We’ve got to go step by step into this world and have in our mind that every thing takes time, but that dreams command our lives! If you want to write, perform, produce a series or a film, never give up because one day it might happen and all depends on your baby steps (small projects) leading to it!

    How can we use the small projects to build a career?

    Before we see our dreams become reality we must have our feet on the ground and do things calmly. Think about where you want to be in the future, think about what needs to take place in order for you to get there, think about the successful filmmakers and did they always start from the top. The entire project must be well thought and the people involved must show the utmost professionalism. Above all, you must believe in success! Small projects are the cornerstone of a career, the ones that will put our name in the area and with whom we learn most and that's why we need to devote enough attention to the "small projects" in our early careers. Many projects start with small budget and others with zero budget, but the important thing is to bring the final result into world's eyes - public and critique. Nowadays, internet is the best advertising tool we have. Use for example Youtube or video to put your videos and then share it also the social networks like Facebook or Twitter - make the promotion of your own stuff.The script, providing the actors, the light, the camera ... everything is important, but you need to get out to the public only the general idea of the show. Public likes to do comments about programs quality: its image, its dialogues, its scenarios. We’ve got to pay attention to these things.The end result is the image of your work and the criticism will reflect in the quality that you present with it, so the most important thing about your project is the"juice", the essence and the purpose of bringing it into life.If it's a comedy, people need to laugh and nothing else can happen.You’ve got to study the public you’re doing the show for, the budget you have, the places to film, the film editing, the crew you’re hiring because every detail as a major importance.With our first projects, our main objective is to get us to know the film business better and therefore we have to pay attention to what is posted on the internet, because what really counts are the first impressions.The base of the pyramid must be built solidly and then we ascend to its top.

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    At the end of each project it is important to conserve our intellectual security and therefore it is advisable that all jobs can be registered to prevent worse problems in the future, because there’s a lot of people waiting for us to fail in this chapter.

    Then we’ve got to make the machine work and use everything at our disposal to build our dreams.Always remember that dreams rules life but we’re the ones who live it.
    Think, write and prepare the project but be the biggest critics of your work before launching it. I sincerely hope that this article can help those who want to start a life in the cinema or television area.Leave aside the fear of failure and try it! Risk yourself to success!

    If you have any doubts or questions about this article you may leave your comment.

    Tito Pinto
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    Not bad for your first article, congrats! English is not your first language I see, but my had is off to you
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      Thanks Nick!
      No, English isn't my first language but I'll try to be more specific i can be sharing my experience and opinion :p


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        Great job Tito! The most important thing to remember is that experience that you can grow from and that keeps your passion alive is just about the most important thing a person can have in this business.


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          Start small and learn from your mistakes. Best way to begin.
          Trent Duncan

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            Great article! I agree entirely with everything you said.
            The newbie.