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Making Money with Youtube - Part 2

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  • Making Money with Youtube - Part 2

    Making Money on Youtube Part 2

    Here are more advanced options for making money on youtube with adsense. If you are new to making money with youtube or want to get started read Part 1

    So you have a youtube account, adsense account, bank account set up to accept payments, and some youtube videos that you created. Now What?

    Understanding The Beginning

    Well I will start out by saying the #1 reason when people don’t start creating youtube videos for profit is they feel they are to late, by that I mean they feel everything has been done already and there is no way they can compete. My suggestion to you is to remember that many people subscribe and share videos because they actually “Like” you. If people find you irritating or not funny, or not sensitive etc, then there is a good chance that you will not get many views or shares or subscribers. So to sum up this first part of this article always remember its never to late to start creating your own youtube channel starting with 0 subscribers.

    Content / Niche

    I personally recommend creating videos with a subject you are passionate about, and keep your videos relevant to that subject at all times. Why? Well one of the key factors to getting your video more views (aka more money) is your subscribers. They subscribe to you because they want to stay updated and are genuinly curious what your next video will be about.


    Content is the video you are producing with “useful” information, notice the quotation because this is key in building your youtube network. Useful information does not include how your day was, or if you walked your dog or not, though some celebs out there get millions of views over stuff like this, it is not a good starting point. Try and do as many videos as you can no shorter then 2 minutes with as much rich content as possible, if you feel that doing 1 video a day will lower your content quality then it is better to not produce that video. Each time you upload a video your subscribers will get a message saying so, you don’t want to disappoint them with a random video that has nothing to do with why they subscribed in the first place, its a sure fire way to loose subscribers. There was a story a while back about someone that had nearly 42,000 subscribers and they always put out rich engaging content, one day they uploaded a video of the person just talking about something completely irrelevant to the reason why the people subscribed in the first place and lost nearly 20,000 subscribers that day! The reason this happened was the end users (subscribers) didn’t know if these videos would continue and besides they already have hundreds of other subscribed videos to keep updated with. Always remember that the last video you upload just might be the last video you upload, so don’t mess it up.


    This is the subject to why people will subscribe to you, it may be about filmmaking, reviews, making money online, personal, etc.. As stated in the previous paragraph what ever you choose be sure to keep it on topic. Though there is an exception to this rule - If yo are doing reviews and you are in front of the camera, people begin to get attached to you and when they do so emotions are involved. So if something happens in your life and your subscribers love your content and you explain to them what happen eg; (there will be no review today or next week because.....) can have an opposite effect and gain more subscribers and views strictly because of the emotions involved. Emotions are very powerful and should be used in any aspect of your youtube videos. Many times emotions will be relayed as passion and if you are creating passionate videos with great content then you are going to the top fast!
    Now selecting your niche is up to you, again I recommend doing something your passionate about, this will not only help you create content you know about but it will just make things much easier in general because, well, your passionate about it.


    Keywords and video SEO go hand and hand. Keywords are going to be the words in your youtube title, and tags area. Keywords are very relevant to your Niche and Content. They also play a big role in how much money you will get paid, for example: if you are doing a review on a online poker game your title might be “Online Poker Review” - These keywords along with strategic “tags” can help show a advertisement about online poker, the same goes for titles like “making money” or “How to Invest” all of these titles along with good content can bring in some big players in CPC (Cost Per Click) which is how much you make when someone clicks the ad. Many ads only pay $0.04 to $0.20 but many of the big advertisers can pay up to $1.00 +. As you begin to progress on figuring out your niche, content, keywords, and CPC (in your adsense menu) I suggest using a tool called Keyword Tool by Google here you can see how many times different keywords are searched. This is important because many times in Google search youtube videos are shown as #1 result.

    Here is an example:

    I would think of a trend, or person, or subject that people might start searching in google soon, it has not exploded yet, but it just might. I would create a video and title it with the same keywords that I think people will search in google when they find out about this trend, person, or subject. I would upload, title, add tags, and hope that Google would pick it up, and guess what, many times it did and in the #1 spot in google search, this brought lots of people to the video to like, share, and potentially click on the ads which equals revenue for me. It is very important to capture these people and not turn them off by abusing the system (which google has gotten good at catching) and not giving the people what they are searching for. If you give them what they are looking for then chances are you will have a better CPC and more subscribers.

    Nick Soares

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