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    So you want to get into filmmaking?

    I thought I would write a simple article discussing some of the first things to think about when deciding to start a filmmaking career.

    Are you doing films for fun, or to make a living?

    If you are doing it for fun, dont expect the greatest films without spending so cash. How much cash? Well its hard to say, but to make a decide cinematic film (nowadays much cheaper thanks for technology) you might be looking around $50,000 to $500,000 - back in the day, about 12 years ago, to get a movie to look like a movie and not some soap opera you would need to shoot on film at 24fps (Frames per second). I remember looking into this when I was first starting, and a panavision camera was the way to go. I wanted to purchase the camera so I didn't have to keep hiring someone to come out if I need more time, or just some random re-shoots, the camera was $497,000 to purchase. Now, Dec 28th 2012 there are plenty of camera that can produce near identical images as the $500,000 camera. The new Epic which runs about $18,000 and much more with everything you need to film a movie is still far cheaper then said Panavision. So to get into filmmaking in My Pinion for fun, I think its going to be an expensive hobby.

    To make a living - Will be even harder :cool: - To make a living in the filmmaking industry you have to consider many factors. Before I continue I will throw some advice your way, Don't Quit Your Day Job! Never shoot the golden golden goose, as my mentor always says. Yes I still have a mentor and its smart to have a wise person help you throughout your life IMO. It is very wise to keep any sort of cashflow coming in during your introduction to your filmmaking career. If you think its not cool to work at McDonalds or wherever your working to make money while starting up you are DEAD wrong. I have so much respect for the people that work a day job and create movies until the movies begin to cashflow to support their family, car payments, mortgage, etc... I have less respect for people that don't work and collect unemployment just to say they are a full time filmmaker, sorry if I offend anyone reading this but that is how I feel.
    So how do you start filmmaking and start making cashflow? Well you need to start by doing research on the current market, which just to let you know, the film industry is one of the hardest to do research on as far as where the market is going. Many companies even some of the biggest get this one wrong. So how do you a new to the industry person try and figure out what many of the large companies spend millions to keep a lead on? My personal suggestion is to just follow whats hot, don't try and do something strange that you like and think the rest of the world will like. You want to stick to the mass markets. See what indie films are hot on iTunes, Netflix, Hulu. See what low-budget films are getting released on these platforms as this is a key to whether or not these films are being accepted by the audiences in the world. These companies are on top films getting accepted or declined, so only the favorable content is seen. The "Low-Budget" films in all genres have really been flooded and are getting harder and harder to get seen as viewers standards are getting higher and higher. I remember when low budget horror films were the hot ticket to jump start your carrier, and they still can be as horror films are the #1 most common emotion to all viewers, for example if you jump our of a dark hallway there is a good chance that person will jump no matter what nationality or language they speak, but to get someone to cry over something is a different story, or to get someone to laugh, someone is turkey might not find USA humor very funny, but the hallway example still stands. So you have to study and understand these very important aspects before you start spending your money or worse, investors money.

    I hope this simple and to the point article helped you, if you have any questions of comments please leave them below.

    Nick Soares

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    Just found this, thanks!


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      Ditto what Mark said.



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        Interesting, thank you :)


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          I really want to make a living out of it, but it seems I just can't. Everything is counting against me.

          Fortunately, there are also many other better ways to make money, the most convenient of which is to simply move money around online.

          But still, I want to go crazy over here when i think about how badly I want to make money with my cinematic work. I feel like a dog with rabies. Want it so bad but can't have it. :(