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    Get Film Investors

    Lets first go over the very first time I have ever received a dollar for a film. While this might sound unfair, it has to do with the whole picture.


    I was working at Universal Studios, and the production company had its own office, so having that was a big plus. It was Spring time of 2003 and I was very excited to do my first feature film, and of course we need about $10,000 to get start. Since it was 2003 the DVX-100 was king so we didnt need much. I got the money I needed, because of "excitement" and this can be achieved in many different ways, mine was just a bit different.

    Family & Friends = Starter

    It was family and friends that launched my career. You hear the saying all the time recommending you not to take money from them, but believe it or not, 80% of successful filmmakers started there carrier with family and friends money. For me, it was the pressure of satisfying my family that really got me to make good choices to bring a profit for everyone.

    Focus on the Future:

    Focus on your future, rather then what you are about to do right now. For example, if you want to do a drama movie, and need $200,000 - Why not shoot a $10,000 horror film (Again this is assuming you are talented enough to complete a decent film) sell it, make your investors money back, then move onto the film you wanted. My whole life I have wanted to do a drama feature film, but because of my business knowledge, I made the right choice to produce some horror products and start getting royalties coming in - Now financially, I am almost ready to do my dream film. So the point of this is to keep a business mind while planning out your first film, I wont spent to much time on this, but I can answer questions if needed.

    A small community:

    Believe it or not, the film industry is a very very small, tight, niche community. Looking for money for a first time filmmaker is one thing, looking for money for a filmmaker who has a proven track record is another, and trying to get money for a filmmaker who has produced films but has yet to see any profits is another.

    Lets recap on these

    #1 A filmmaker who has never done a film before:

    #2 A filmmaker who has produced, but hasnt produced any profits

    #3 A filmmaker who has a track record in producing and profits

    Now its common since which one of these you would invest in, if you were an investor: #3 is the best bet for investors

    So what if you are in the #1 and #2 category? #1 has a better chance of getting funds for a film then #2 - Why? Because investors enjoy trying to get there fingers wet with new blood, and family/friends would like to see you possibly succeed, and plus you havent shown that you ďcanítĒ make their money back, unlike #2. I will go over this more when I talk about the first time I was looking for funds later.

    #2 - A filmmaker who has produced, but hasnt produced any profits: Many filmmakers are in this position today, they have produced a film, but havenít seen any returns, so how do these filmmakers get money? TO BE CONTINUED

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    Nick Soares

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    pls do continue dis article. am in the #1 and would like to learn the business of film making first. i cant wait to read more..... u ar wonderful


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      Originally posted by markangel101 View Post
      pls do continue dis article. am in the #1 and would like to learn the business of film making first. i cant wait to read more..... u ar wonderful

      Oh wow, time goes by so fast. Ok I will continue this article soon :D
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        I'd also love to see the continuation of this article. And I'd love to hear more "personal" stories about your actual experiences, Nick. Thanks,

        Dave Shaw