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  • My first movie

    I''m an old guy (74) but even at my age there is a time for new things. This is my first attempt at making a movie... any (positive) criticisms or tips would be appreciated

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    I'm also an old guy (72) and enjoy making videos for youtube. I wonder what camera and lens did you use? My main criticism is that your pans in the cockpit are way too fast (like 2:53 to 2:56). Those fast pans could have been edited out or you could have used a wider angle lens with a much slower pan. Whipping the camera around is hard to watch.


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        Hi OldStick, I liked your movie. But then again I'm also a pilot, I just sold my Cessna 172 last week after being an owner for thirteen years! I'm here as a music provider not a film maker so I'm not qualified really to offer you film making tips. My production music is at


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          I am a little younger than you (my age is 62), and I enjoy the documentary film you shot.
          I like the skies and the clouds,... you made them become restless.

          I write movie scripts. I posted some of them here in Filmmaker Forum. You can use any of them, or mail me if want new plots.

          What about people writing movie scripts on an airplane on an endless flight ?

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