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  • Paper Date - Amateur Comedy Micro-Film

    I'm relatively new to the forum. It's been difficult for me to juggle a full-time job while continuing to pursue film, but this is a link to my most recent short film. I've made four other shorts, and assisted in the making of two more, all of which can be found on my YouTube channel, Austin's OP. If you watch some of my older stuff leading up to this, you might see that I favor directing. My skills as a cinematographer/audio engineer can still use some work.

    While this film in particular isn't as ambitious as some of my previous projects, I'm alway working to improve how my films look and sound, plus I was able to utilize the talents of an animator. In terms of the quality of production value, I think this one is higher than the films I've made before. I'm curious if anyone has any constructive criticism. What did you like? What needs work? I appreciate any input that might help make my next project that much better. Thanks in advance, and I hope you enjoy Paper Date.