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  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Fan Film

    Hi everyone! I just released my new short film, The Warby Range Massacre. It's an homage to my favourite horror film of all time, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We had a lot of set backs during the making of this movie and we ran into a lot of issues but, regardless, I'm pretty proud of what we managed to make.

    Let me know what you think of it; constructive criticism is appreciated!

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    I would love to hear what anyone has to think of the movie. Hearing criticism from filmmakers is always more valuable.


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      I am not a fan of the digitally added old film noise and scratches. My main criticism is at the 7:40 mark you broke the 180 degree rule and it really showed. I wasnt sure if the guy with glasses was talking to the girl or not. Watch out for that mistake in the future. Also when they had the girl in the shed, the lighting was different when showing the girl as opposed to the masked guy. They are both in the same small shed, lighting should be the same on both. I think the film was an overall good effort. You just have to remember some of the basics.
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        Thanks for the feedback Mick. The lighting issue was just that we could only use the generator for a certain amount of time and I thought it would be more important to get the light on Marilyn than the masked man, but I see your criticism. And that moment at 7:40 was something I totally missed; didn't even notice.

        But I'm glad you liked it overall, I definitely learnt a lot from it and will take your feedback.