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For the last time - My short film about Obsessive compulsive ( OCD )

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  • For the last time - My short film about Obsessive compulsive ( OCD )

    Hello guys whats'up !!

    today i'm gonna show you one of my short films

    but this short film talks about obsessive compulsive ( OCD )

    it's in Arabic but dont worry there is an English subtitles

    Watch it and tell me your opinions about it

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    I think the way you went about showing his compulsion to watch this video over and over was well done. How he justified it to himself, and then just got caught up in watching it over and over without realizing it.

    I really liked the shot where he begins to lie down on the couch and then we see him lay his head on his pillow in his bed. That is a clever transition.

    From a writing standpoint, the part where his consciousness talks to him goes on just a bit too long, for an American audience. There is too much dialogue from that character. If you edit that part again and only keep in the parts that get right to the point....."Why do you do this,?" "You will stop this now or it will cost you." These and another line or two of dialogue will both get your point across and be short enough for an American audience.

    From a technical standpoint, the night scenes in the bedroom were shot in too little light and this caused a lot of noise in the image.

    I shot a scene in a room at night (as written in the script) but I shot it during the day with the sun and lights in the room. I put the lights where the windows were so that they could appear to be sourced from the moon. I got a good exposure for the camera with the lights and sun, and then when I edited the scene I made it dark. As a matter of fact, the scene starts in the dark and something happens in the room. One person gets up and goes to turn the light switch on. We see and hear him flip the switch on and all of a sudden the room is lit up. That was ALL done in editing. You could do this too.

    From a legal standpoint, the video that you show on the computer, is it in "Public Domain" or do you have a license to use it? If the answer is "no" to both of these then you cannot show this video anywhere. Someone owns the rights to that video and without their permission you are in violation of copyright law. You will not be able to enter it into film festivals either.

    It was interesting to see a keyboard in your country. I noticed that the keys for each letter are not in the same places as the keyboards in the USA. Also, I wondered what would be on the keys. I wonder why they are English letters. I would have thought they would be in Arabic. I wonder why they are not, and I would think this would also make it more difficult there for people to use the keyboard with English letters on it. Forgive me if I am ignorant to the reasons of why it is the way it is.

    I think the film is a good film. A good subject, a good way of telling the story, and good camera shots (angle, composition). You can tweak the editing of the scene with his consciousness to make it watchable for Western audiences. There isn't much you can do to fix the noise in the night scene though. You could try a program called "Neat." It may be able to help with that. Here's a link: