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The coin: Mystery/horror short film

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  • The coin: Mystery/horror short film

    Hi guys! I'm an amateur and just like making short little flicks. This one is about a man whos mother goes missing, and a stranger at the funeral gives him a mysterious coin- that brings him bad luck.

    It would help a lot if you dropped a sub and a like! Thanks!

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    You are making videos and learning on the way. I looked at your youtube channel and you are a busy person. You are using what you've got and getting videos done. THAT'S how to learn how to be a filmmaker. Learning how to make what you've got work, even if it doesn't work well (headstone) you still have SOMETHING where it is needed.

    This video is kind of rough, of course, but hey, you do have some nice shots in it here and there, which shows you are developing an eye for those kinds of things. I can also see you are learning well about editing as far as color grading and lighting/contrast goes.

    We all start somewhere, and this is how it usually goes. You are coming along. Keep at it. You are learning a lot and it shows.

    A few recommendations, the shot with the boy walking through the arch is just too shaky compared to the rest of the film, and camera shake is not beneficial in those shots either. I realize it was hand held but is needed to be held more steady. With that much movement I don't think you can fix it with "stabilization" in your editing program because there will be motion blur. I realize you are using who you've got but when you are ready for more serious pieces you will want adults to play adult roles. Kids as adults don't work, but if you are just using kids for adults to learn then that is fine. Use what you've got.