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  • Apathy - Short Film

    As I cannot post a link to the film directly, if you search "Apathy short film" or "Bartek Cebula" on YouTube you should be able to find it relatively easily. I have been working on for the past few months with some friends and a budget of zero dollars. Was curious to see if anyone could give me some remarks and or constructive criticism!
    Thanks -Bartek.

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    A lovely actress and I loved the dance scene. I did not experience the statement you say the film makes however. Maybe its for a different audience.


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      Wow! I really liked the whole of it, in particlar near to the end. I find that the best aspect of the film is the cinematography. I say this because I find that you used the best techniques to narrate the events in every different scene and sequence; I hope that was clear. Great job!


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        I do not care about your movie about Apathy.

        That's a joke. ;) I love irony. Apply rimshot here.

        I really liked this. It is very well done. The shots look like you really know what you are doing. Nice job.

        Just 1 question and one bit of info:

        Is she of age to be able to show in her bra?

        You need to be careful that actors do not wear shirts with business logos on them like Hard Rock Cafe. If they see this and don't want to be associated with it you will have to blur the logo on the shirt which will detract from the film. They could contact you just if they learn it is in the film, unless you already have a release from them to use their trademarked logo. In every case though, it is best to just avoid them all together.