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  • The Cruise - SF Trailer

    Hey guys,
    I am a 3D- and concept-artist from Berlin and I'd like to show my trailer for an Sci Fi script in progress.
    If you like it, please share it. Thanks for watching.


    A group of extraterrestrial deer-stealers carries dozens of alien beasts in their space vessel. All of them wild exotic carnivores.

    When the vessel is traced by the Intergalactic Wildlife Authority, it escapes damaged into our solar system and crashes into the Pacific Ocean.

    Most of the beasts escape from the damaged vessel and board the cruise liner "Luxury of the Seas". First they are undiscovered, but after a while they attack the passengers and the crew. It's a terrible butchery.

    An old big game hunter in a wheelchair with his young caretaker and a mate try to fight the beasts and the deer-stealers, who want to get back their goods.
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    Frankly there are two kinds of acceptable animation. Drawn cartoon like Disney or multi-million dollar 3D like Pixar, ILM and Digital Domain. Attempts at 3D with less than the million dollar equipment and stellar digital animators just look bad. Its like when people try to make films from video game footage, its not something people would pay to see or remember later. While this can pass as cool for a trailer with quick cuts and good edits, it wont look good as a feature film.


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