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Please check out my YouTube channel!

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  • Please check out my YouTube channel!

    Hey guys, my name is Jared Johnson and I am an aspiring filmmaker. I have a YouTube channel called Jared Elijah Films and I am trying to obtain more exposure and grow my fan base. Whenever you have a chance, please check out my channel and give me feedback whether you like it or not! Feedback is always helpful and I will take it to make myself better! Thanks again for reading this post!

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    Well at least you are making films. You aren't afraid to move the camera and are pretty good at your angles. Now the rest is just doing a lot of reading and practice. Go on Amazon and find books on directing, lighting, sound and script writing.


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      Hi Jared. Checked out your channel and through you a like and a view of Backyard Fight 3. Keep up the hard work, having a group of friends you can shoot and experiment with at such a young age is a HUGE plus. Focus on having fun and just getting better with each thing you make.

      PS - If you want to throw a subscribe back in return check out our Youtube channel 'JustDriveTheMovie'. Along the way we're also sharing tips and tricks on the business and creative side as we learn them.


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        Thanks so much man!I will definitely subscribe back!


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          I have definitely been reading some books on filmmaking. My recent videos are just fun ones honestly, I am however trying to get into a more professional way of doing things. I recently just configured a DIY boom pole, so my audio will definitely increase in quality. Thanks again for checking out my channel and hitting me up with some feedback.


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            Keep making movies. Each one will be better. Don't forget to watch a lot of films too. Bad ones will teach you just as much as good ones. Watch at least one film every day and analyze it.