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Short sci-fi movie by aspiring filmmaker

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  • Short sci-fi movie by aspiring filmmaker

    Please check out my movie and give me a chance. I want so bad get to movie industry and if any director or producer is reading this - please give me a chance, just give me a chance. Check my movie here:

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    Ya got something there. Keep going.



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      You've got talent and a good start. You need to keep developing your skills with more experience.

      The style of film you made, totally a narrative, is only found in the independent film festival circles. You will not find a major film being done in this style. Making these is fine for trying things and gaining experience but it will not display what a Producer is looking for in a mass market project.

      I can tell in this video that you've got talent. You've got a ways to go before you can compete with all the other top talent out there. I have a Best Film award from an international film festival where I was also nominated for Best Cinematographer, the film is in distribution, and I am currently working on a new TV series and a documentary feature film to be released next year, and even I don't have what it takes yet. I am close, but I still need just a little more experience to learn from.

      Keep at it, keep making films, keep trying things, and make more films. That is how we learn and how you refine your talent. I'm looking forward to your next project.