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A few examples of my work.

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  • A few examples of my work.

    So I'm more of a musician than a film maker, but I dabble in other mediums.

    Here is some foley/Orchestrations that I did (after the 30 second mark) as an audition for a fanfilm which I withdrew from.

    Here's a Music Video that I shot where I used some very basic special effects.

    Here is one of the things I am the most proud of, which is a piece entitled "Electrical Storm" which I edited together some public domain footage to give visuals for the music I had written.

    And here is the first film that I ever made, for a Halloween contest celebrating a musical instrument called the Theremin. This is called "Etherferatu: An electronic symphony of Horror"

    Hope you like it.

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    Dude, you have a Theremin? That's epic.


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      My intonation, however, isn't. haha


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        I may be the only one here who got the Moog synthesizer reference with the Mooger Fooger video. ;)

        You are unusual in being so into the synthesizer sound at your age. Your compositions have a real 1960's, 1970's sound to them. I am sure you are a huge Tangerine Dream fan. I had a synthesizer in 1981. Nothing fancy, but I had interest in that direction.

        Personally I am more into orchestrations for film work, though a story I am developing now will have a more bluesy acoustic guitar sound track. I liked the small piece you had in the Star Trek fan film. I cringed at the legal liability for your recreation of the theme music, but that is just the legal paranoid perspective I have from filmmaking.

        Today's electronics can replicate real instruments very well. Guys like you are the ones guys like us need.



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          Mr, Olander,
          Thank you for the compliments. I need to clarify though that I didn't cover that Jerry Goldsmith piece. My contribution started at the 30 second mark when the ship faded in and was all original. Doing some critical listening to the excerpt from Goldsmith's score, that orchestra sounded phenomenal! Whomever set up the mics captured very subtle things along with those blaring trumpets. Side-by-side with mine you can really hear the difference, so I tried to choose the instruments carefully so it wouldn't sound so synthy. Some people report that it sounds synthetic, and others don't.
          I totally get what you mean about the copyright though. Paramount was cracking down on fan films a couple of years ago but they seem to be permissive for the time being.

          I am big into the Berlin School (Tangerine Dream, et al.), but it is more about being able to micromanage all aspects of the timbre that appeals to me with the modular synths. Hans Zimmer literally has several walls filled with modular stuff.

          I've been wanting to get into film scoring for years. It is a tremendous challenge and very rewarding.