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Die Another Way ~ Diode Short Film

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  • Die Another Way ~ Diode Short Film

    My name is Andrew Thompson, and I've been filming with family and friends since I was 9. (Now I'm 17)
    Recently I started up a youtube channel with my good friend (also named Andrew) called 'Diode'

    Here's a video we filmed together, and I edited. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    A brutal war is waged between two opponents, culminating in a massive display of firepower, cunning, and... excuses? Nothing is too ridiculous to defeat their enemy.
    Acted by me (Andrew Thompson) and my good friend Andrew Templin.

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    First off I loved the way you guys fell when shot in the beginning. It was far more realistic than most films. Good job. The concept was funny. An improvement would be to have actual adults play the fantasy roles that the kids are imagining since the scenario they are playing out would likely be adults fighting the war. But I understand the difficulty of obtaining adult actors at your age. The bullet hit effects were bad. They seemed to be basic adobe plug-ins and those never look good. The sound was bad too. You have a good start here so study sound and lighting for your next film and make that film as fun as this and you will do great. I gave you a thumbs up.


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      Thanks for the feedback Mick. I didn't notice how bad the bullet hits looked until after I'd rendered the video out, and by that point I'd already spent the last 5 hours trying to render the thing so I didn't want to go back and change it. I'll definitely try to improve that in the next film!

      As for sound, I've always known something was 'off' about it... Don't know what it is though. Too quite with our dialogue? I'm not really sure. Wish I had some kind of hidden mic I could use, but that's out of the question since I can't afford that kind of thing. Suggestions?

      Also the lighting is kind of the same story. I can't afford fancy lights and reflective/dampening panels. Any suggestions there as well?


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        Check out some youtube videos on lighting and sound. You can learn a bunch from there. Lighting doesn't have to cost a lot. In fact a reflector and a shade can do a lot for those outdoor scenes. Toy with it and have fun. Great start