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Suited for Assassination ~ Diode Short Film

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  • Suited for Assassination ~ Diode Short Film

    Hey everyone, first post here on the forums.
    My name is Andrew Thompson, and I've been filming with family and friends since I was 9. (Now I'm 17)
    Recently I started up a youtube channel with my good friend (also named Andrew) called 'Diode'

    Here's a video we filmed together, and I edited. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

    The target has been marked, and his assassin has tracked him down at last. However, his attempts to kill him seem to be failing a bit spectacularly. This film is a cross between action and comedy, and is our first uploaded video with both me (Andrew Thompson) and my good friend Andrew Templin.
    Filmed in early 2015.

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    Lol i really l liked it xD


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      Looks like you guys had loads of fun shooting this one... I liked!