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How do your Youtube films get views and exposure?

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  • How do your Youtube films get views and exposure?

    Hello. I'm Jake Eddie and I run the Jake Eddie Films Youtube channel. I make new short films every Friday and have been doing so for over a month now. I am currently at just over 700 total views and have 27 subscribers. It's definitely a start, but I would like to get more exposure for my channel. Do any of you have tips on how to get more people to view and subscribe to your filmmaking channel. I'm not aiming for, say, a million views a day, but I do want more exposure than what I have now.

    Here's a link to my channel:


    Jake Eddie

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    Hi Jake,

    Getting 700 views and 27 subscribers in just a month is extremely good. What you're doing is exactly what YouTube recommend and that is to keep publishing regular content so I would suggest just keep doing what you're doing.

    I suppose social media is another thing you could tie in with the YouTube channel but unless you already have a large social media following you'll also be faced with the problem of how to build your social media following which is just as hard.

    I come from an engineering background and we have a concept called "over-damped control systems" which is just a mathematical way of saying if you prod something it sometimes takes a long time to see the results and I think the YouTube search algorithm is very much like an over-damped control system where it takes time to see the results. In YouTube terms one month is a short time.

    Take care,

    Peter Eisfelder
    My cartoon blog


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      Thanks man. I'm still new to Youtube and I'm hoping it will not only eventually earn me a living, but also so it can serve as a background for my previous film works.

      take care. :)