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    Not the best quality. But, there are a ton of magnificent moments. I thought when he passes by the train it's a screen with the train, it's not. But, there was a trick to it. Going through his friend's stomach, the movie screen, the motorcycle (that's him) and HOLLYWOOD. It looks like small town America. So many great moments.

    They say Fatty Arbuckle probably directed this, though Keaton gets credit. By this point Arbuckle was blacklisted for the killing of Virginia Rappe. Though he was eventually found not guilty, the stigma of the crime ruined his life.

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    At about 19:50 Buster goes to sit down and he falls into the street with cars passing by. This was shot by where Graumann's Chinese Theatre would eventually be built.

    This entire sequence (How they did this I still don't understand), they blacked out on the camera with black tape where the screen should be. Then they rolled the film back and blacked out the rest of the screen and shot all the different locations. What I don't get is how they did it flawlessly since it's on the same film. They explained it and I still don't get it. But, it's magnificent.


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      Amazing SFX for its time