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Latest Thriller Film - 'Psychopath!'

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  • Latest Thriller Film - 'Psychopath!'

    This is our latest film, Psychopath! It was a university Assignment that we got a first on!

    Feedback appreciated!
    Creator and Head of TheNerdCreations

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    The story failed to capture my attention and I became rapidly bored. That said, the cinematography was very good. The use of lighting and the camera settings both lent to the film look. Overall an excellent effort in film making if not story telling.


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      I agree with Mick, there was nothing in the story for me to become attached too. The story was not engaging or emotional. Despite that, I still enjoyed the film because of the cinematography. It looked very professional and moody. It was the only thing that kept me from closing the window. I also liked the editing, it was really well done. As Mick said, great filmmaking but weak story telling.