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Baking Bread Episode Three (Breaking Bad Parody)

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  • Baking Bread Episode Three (Breaking Bad Parody)
    Episode Three Of Four ''Baking Bread'' Episodes Based On The Award Winning Show ''Breaking Bad''.
    As The Series Is Approaching The End Jesse (Archie Erskine) Decides To Leave The Buissness,
    Leaving Walt (Oliver Kendal) No Choice But To Find A New Parter.
    But After Cooking With Tod (Michael Elmour) For The First Time, He Is Forced To Quit Due To His Cancer Returning.
    Walt Suggests Tod Works With Jesse, However They Both Know Jesse Is Out For Good! So What Will Happe?
    Find Out In The Penultimate Episode Of ''Baking Bread''.
    We Are Only Thirteen So Please Leave Some Kind Constructive Criticism.