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    Hey there fellow youtubers!!! Ok so in trying to build awareness of my brand i have come accross the idea of using sstumbleupon as a pplatform for promoting my youtube videos. So here i am going to post 3 links of vids i would like to bring attention to on stumbleupon. So if you have it please stumble thease links either like or dislike whichever you feel is appropriate but bring some attention to my work. I will also do it for anyone posting here in this thread. If there is a problem with my post i appologise in advance and any mods dissaproving sorry and feel free to remove it. Otherwise we can all use it to post links to youtube vids we have and like to be stmbled. Remember if you havent done so already you need to add your video to stumble upon before anyone can thumbs up it or otherwise the first person than gives it a thumbs up has to do it.

    Ok just that feel free to post you stumbles i will like every post whenever i have stumbled let me know how it affects your traffic.

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    I didnt even know stumbleupon is still alive, but Ill try.
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      apparently its a better free traffic source than facebook from what ive read even tho its user base is nothing in comparison and yes i have never stopped stumbling for years :)