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Spin Cycle - Monster Movie Short Film

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  • Spin Cycle - Monster Movie Short Film

    Think the laundromat is safe? You may want to watch this month's film: Spin Cycle. Cascade simply wants to get her laundry done one night, but after a tense encounter with a creepy witch, she finds a terrifying creature who lives in the washing machines is out to get her!


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    That wasn't bad. Just my two cents.

    1. The arms of the creature were pretty bad.

    2. Since the creature was behind the open dryer door, it should have always been on the outside even when she was being locked in. The continuity there was off.

    3. Her doll appeared in the washer. It should have been in the dryer where she was spun into the doll.

    That's just my 3 pennies.

    Besides that, it was all right.


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      In addition to Uniques report, I would add to avoid any future temptations to put your logo in the scene. I saw it on the washer and it came off as really cheeseball.