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The Calm before the Storm (Short Film)

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  • The Calm before the Storm (Short Film)

    TheNerdCreations is proud to present the first of two films, following a group of pilots through the conflicts of the 1940s!

    Here is, The Calm before the Storm!
    Creator and Head of TheNerdCreations

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    The pacing of the shots and the film as a whole was very good. However, there is a severe lack of a sense of place. I realize this could have been intentional, but it doesn't seem to serve a purpose. (I also realize how difficult it would be to shoot a period film with backgrounds that aren't just trees.) The score felt repetitive and drab. By scoring essentially the entire film, the effect of the scoring is kind of diminished or lessened as well. The acting was decent, but I feel as thought they could have been held back by the fact that the characters themselves were not very interesting. Because of this, the conflict becomes uninteresting. If not to give it a fair chance and to provide a proper critique and perspective, I would not have sat through it. I can appreciate some of the fairly eloquent dialogue and the composition was fairly decent. I also admire your courage in attempting a dramatic period film.

    I hope what I've said was of use to you, and I hope for you good luck in the future!