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Please help me to find the right title

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  • Please help me to find the right title

    Dear Filmmakers,

    I'm working on a movie. It's supposed to be on youtube and other channels. I have some troubles finding the right title for it.
    It's about different people from all over the earth talking about their life. As I met this people I simply thought about "People I've met" but I'm not really happy with this...

    I'm up for any help or proposal.. :-)

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    What else can you tell us first?
    Is there a link between all of the people? Are there any standout stories? Whats the theme of the film? It'll be a lot easier to come up with a title with these three and more. Good luck with the film as well!


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      Hi XS Indie.
      So it's about different people from all over the world. I met them on a world trip. No really amazing stories cuz the People had the chance to talk about whatever they liked. For example what they do in their life. So there's no link between them as I randomly met them on a trip.
      The message of the film is that earth's full of good people, doesn't matter where they life, what they do (as in Job for example). And it is more like a "documentary project" for you know - youtube and stuff - so it's not kind of a cinema film. It's more likely "interviews with stranger". And in case of success (even if not) I would like to do more of them...


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        "Strangers" possibly?

        Not as in the horror film, obviously, but in a sense of these people being strangers to one as one walks by them, wherever one is in the world, but they aren't simply what one would call them, "a stranger", but they have stories of their own to tell and live.

        Thanks and good luck with it!