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  • My First Video

    Hi everyone,
    From the advice that I got here, and other places on the internet, I managed to do a short video with my Panasonic V 720.
    I used a tripod from Bestbuy, which was cheap and i'm already planning on returning and getting a better one from amazon, and Premiere for editing.

    Premiere for some reason couldn't recognize the sound in the clips, which annoyed me to hell at first, but then I decided that it might be for the best since i focused more on the visuals. Is there a way to make Premiere recognize sound parts from .mts file format, or am I doing something wrong?

    Another thing that was a bit tricky for me was the white balance. I don't know if I did it well or not and preferred the black/white color scheme. Would it be easier to get gray cards for that?

    Any advice or criticism is much appreciated.

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    Hello Adnan,
    I like your choice of shots and angles. I don't use premiere but on my pinnacle studio you cannot mix different audio files on the same timeline, you get no sound as a result. For example a clip with 44Khz + a clip with 96Khz = No sound.


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      Thanks for watching it!
      Yeah, I will play more with Premiere and hopefully will figure it out.


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        Welcome to film making and I applaud you for being open to learning. In this case the film had no story. Story is important even in a short and every component of the film should add to that story. The B&W added nothing and frankly B&W should be avoided until you become skilled in creative lighting. The camera never moved. Maybe this is because you filmed alone? That camera has to move to create more visually stimulating scenes. You chose several angles and that's good but static tripod shots become boring quickly. Watch a new film (short or feature length) daily and when I say watch, I mean analyze. Watch for things like camera movement, focus, lighting, etc. Note not only the things that work but also the things that you see as epic failure in the films. That way you double your learning. Then use that knowledge and shoot some more shorts and post them here. You will get better and better each time and the filmmakers on this forum will be a vast cache of advice.
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          Thank you for response. Your criticism is the exact reaction I've been looking for. I want to know where I messed up so I can be better.
          I would like to make a short film with a little story, but I'm not good at writing plots. I do write sometimes in my free time, but never have I wrote an actual story. I guess I should work on that next.
          Yeah, I should also learn how to use lighting. In the film, I've only used the ambient lighting of the room, which is not good enough. Someone told me that the film looked washed out. I believe this is due to me just applying BW filter without any adjustments. I've re did it and it looks, although more noisy, slightly more appealing, I think.
          I filmed this alone, but I do like the static shots. I would probably add some panning if I did this with someone, but nothing crazy. Whether static shots are boring or not, I feel, depends a lot on the context and the film's style. I'm, of course, not saying that I used them well or anything.

          Thanks a lot for you advice :) I will try to write for a film next time.


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            if you are going to film strictly for practice then no need to write a story. Just use a movie scene you like. A single scene in a movie has a story in it. So film the lunch scene from The Breakfast Club or a scene from Rear Window. That kind of thing.


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              Mick really hit all the points, to avoid repeating whats all ready been said it's a shame that the camera was stationary the entire time and even using something like a skateboard to create a DIY dolly would mix things up and really add that extra something. Also watch your framing when the actor was using the phone it was dangerously close to the frame edge and went over once or twice and as that seemed to be the primary subject of the shot that didn't look too good. As for looking at what can be done on the cheap it might be worth watching as many indie shorts as you can and that will give you a good grasp on what sort of story can be told in a short period of time as well as the different movements and shots you can do with the camera.
              In regards towards the black and white I think you got away with it in this as there was no real plot so it added something in the sense that it wasn't just a man eating but I would avoid it in future for the reasons stated above regarding lighting.
              Good first video though and it's great seeing you take on criticism as the best sources to learn from are other film makers.


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                Nice video..
                I like it..
                Good luck!!