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  • Uncommon Hours - Our project

    Hello all,

    Myself and 2 others are currently producing a new webisode series through YouTube as our new campaign project. We chose this forum to display our work and progress in order to help gain interest.

    Our protagonist leads a life where he's broke and reached the end of his tether, so much he resorts to crime, only to be greeted by a much more laid back and seemingly opposite version of himself acting as his conscience.

    This project is to experiment and explore the use of cloning through editing software and the patience & timing of filming the same scene twice with the main actor being able to talk to nothing whilst maintaining the scenario within a short time span.

    We are very excited to try this and if you are interested in following our progress please follow either our Facebook page or if possible our Tumblr page where we document all of our progress.

    Thank you for your support.