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    Hi all. I am new to youtube, and to any work with a camera really. I am currently trying to develop a webseries, that I am to post on youtube. My question here is, how do I get people to see it once it is up? What are some of the most succesful techniches that you have used. Thank you for your time?

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    Make accounts for and become active in:
    Filmmaking forums.

    Subscribe, follow, tweet, and share with people. Make friends and connections by offering (kind) feedback, and even doing some BTS (behind the scenes) and tutorials (instructional videos) on filmmaking and events surrounding your film.

    Have a strong trailer, and share it as much as possible.

    Tips for making a trailer:
    Edit your trailer with fast cuts. Edit it as if you are trying to make a piece of work that would appeal to someone with ADD.
    Excitement a few seconds in.
    Begin and end with a BANG!
    Pace it fast, and keep it going until the end.
    Having a gimmick or having some sort of controversial subject or theme surrounding it will help.
    Watch 100 trailers in the genre of the film you are making, and steal from them.
    Faster, faster, faster.
    Best quality you can make it.
    Get a composer to score the project. Don't pull something off of a royalty free site, get someone who will make music especially for you. I would post a link to my composer (who I'm sure would be kind enough to score a project for you), but I'm not sure if it's against forum rules. :/

    Also, participate in competitions. Many of my channel views come from Film Riot Monday Challenges, which have led people to my other videos.

    Upload as much as possible, and make sure it is the best possible content that you can put out. Get friends to watch and share those videos.

    I'll gladly promote you once you have your work up. Could you post a Youtube link.


    Also, something to consider.

    If you are new to filmmaking, you may not want to post your stuff. Once it's on the internet, anyone can see it, and there's a good possibility that once you have advanced in your career, someone can share that around. Only post something you are comfortable with people viewing later. Right now, you may just want to practice with your camera, get some friends together, and shoot really short films. Once you have refined your filmmaking abilities, then you can worry about what to do with your work.