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  • HapstanceFilms

    So I have been following HapstanceFilms for a while now. I have always loved their videos and wondered why they didn't have more subscribers. A few days ago I read this in the YouTube section The Future of YouTube Subscribers by Nick, and I thought that it made lots of since, and now seeing that HapstanceFilms last video has over 19,000 views in just under two weeks I see now that if you keep making quality content that eventually someone will notice your videos and share it and the chances of going viral will increase. I also feel it has to do with their past videos as well, I feel that just one good video is not enough but I think that when they click the "More Videos" and find that HapstanceFilms has lots of great videos that THAT is when they decide to subscribe.

    Anyway, I thought I would just write a little on what I have been watching that last few months and pitch in with my thoughts.


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    Coincidentally, I was privy to a conversation last week between the Hapstance team and a marketing specialist concerning this very topic. The latter's opinion was that there was no real money to be made in short films (he didn't know that they also have a feature). Their contention was essentially the same as yours, that the advertising revenue will grow as the subscribers increase.

    My impression was that he found their business model intriguing, and something that he hadn't given much consideration. Of course, he's closer to my age, and Hapstance are all younger filmmakers, less inclined to be locked into an established paradigm. I hope they make it work for them, as the talent is clearly there.
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