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Looking for three female and two males

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    Originally posted by sethk180 View Post
    Ha, thanks man... so no pressure nick lol jk ;p

    Ha, man so I got some good news and some bad news, the bad news is I contacted all the people I worked with, and they still don't have my shots ready to add to my reel, and I cannot film my standup just yet, due to the comedy club rules (trust me I tried, and I am a headliner), but the good news is I'm available for the shooting ;D
    Let me know when its available
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      Originally posted by sethk180 View Post
      Hey :),
      So when arr the results in for the casting
      If you need a drum roll, I got you covered :P
      HAHA, they wont be posted on the thread thats for sure. I always keep that info in private messaging
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        Hey Nick, if you're still looking for the chunky guy, here's my page:
        Talent profile of Ron Foltz on I don't have a reel yet, but I am in this trailer as Mr. Goddard, a financial analyst:

        Ron Foltz
        Ron Foltz
        Act before you think...


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          horror film

          I'm available. Please check out my la casting at


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            Nerdy overweight

            Here is my IMdb Brad Banacka - IMDb


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              I live 20m from there..


              Check my profile out on
              and let me know if i fit your search..
              Thanks a lot..
              Marcela Iglesias


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                Hello Nick Soares
                I am from Miami but I am here in LA right now shooting the feature film "Disciples".
                I could change my flight and stay in CA for your film.
                NAME: Deborah Funes
                IMDB Credits:Deborah Funes - IMDb
                LOCATION: Miami,FL
                LANGUAGE: English and Spanish
                WEB SITE: www.deborahfunes,com

                RESUME FILMS:

                JEBADIAH'S AXE: "Rose"/Leading/ Jim De Vault/ Brainpie Media Productions & Stone Bell Creations
                DISCIPLES: "Carlita" / Supporting / Wolfgang Meyer and Joe Hollow
                THE KNOCK: "Sarah Blanc" / Leading / John Laird
                INTERNATIONAL LOVERS: "Wealthy Woman"/Supporting/ Jones Productions
                BLURRED VISION: "Dancer" / Supporting / Barry Brandt
                HELL GLADES: "Babysitter"/ Supporting / Aiden Dillard
                SCREAM FARM: "Robin" / Major Speaking Role / Allied Horror & Wicked Dream Entertainment
                CLOSING ARGUMENTS: "Ocean Cherub"/ Supporting / Manuel Montenegro / Redmoonbiz
                MY KITTEN: "Anna"/ Supporting / Lilia Parker

                RESUME TELEVISION:
                "Arrebatados": Special Guest / Channel 41
                "A Mano Limpia": Special Guest / Channel 22
                "De Mananita": Special Guest / Telemundo
                "Escandalo TV": Special Guest / Channel 22
                "Zona Cero": Special Guest / Channel 41
                "La Cosa Nostra": Special Guest / Channel 41
                "Al Rojo Vivo": Special Guest / Univision
                "Entre Fichas": Special Guest / Channel 2
                "Angels in Paradise": as Deborah Funes/Principal / Michael Salomon
                "Erotica": as Deborah Funes/Principal / Playboy TV

                "Concha Perla Cream": Supporting
                "Body Control": Principal
                "HIV Campaign": "Doctor"/leading / MTV

                "Arroz,Passion and Frijoles": "Beatriz" / Guillermo Gentille
                "The Secret Camera": "Fetish"/leading / Javier Cereani
                "La Mansion del Placer": "Patient"/leading / Juan Altavista

                "Hola Susana": Choreography / ATC
                "La Cosa Nostra": "Diva of Thursday" / Channel 41

                PLease let me know asap.

                Thank you

                Deborah Funes


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                  Hi Nick, I am interested too!! let me know if I can fit the character you need.