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Need actor for 2017 Bigfoot horror film

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  • Actor Wanted Need actor for 2017 Bigfoot horror film

    Dear fellow film-makers,

    If you are interested in becoming an actor or adding to your career, I have an opportunity for you. My name is Noah Brolm, and I will be directing a Bigfoot horror film within the next month or two. We need actors who can work for little pay and can survive in the Salida, Colorado area for a few days. We cannot provide hotel arrangements, that sort of stuff is up to you. All you have to do is show up on filming dates and follow along.

    Expedition Films will be hosting the film set, and payment to any actor who joins in won't happen until after the film is produced.

    Filming begins (assuming everything is ready) April 12th of 2017. We need two male actors who, as I said, enjoy doing horror/creature feature films, and are ready to help.

    The pay amount is $117 once filming is finished.

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    Hey just curious hows the film doing? Would love to see it when finished Im a big monster movie fan!