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  • Actor Wanted Demo reel

    Looking for two string actors who live in Sonoma County to act in a demo reel of one of my screen plays.

    Chuck Davis: Mid 30's to early 40's. Good looking, clean cut, a slick salesman whose quest for the endorhin rush keeps him looking for the next lay, the next sale, the next drink.

    Det. Danvers: 45 to 55. Weathered, smart, a small town detective who is almost psychic, loves getting in the skin of the perpetrator before flaying him alive. Thinks he knows all about the human psyche and does know a lot about it.

    The scene:
    Chuck goes in to report a piece of information on a homicide and is immediately seen by Danvers as a person of interest. There is a twist to the scene I can't relate, but suffice to say it is a "Brenda Lee" type interrogation, with subject identification used as the main technique.